The Internet Graffiti Crunch

Ok, Graffiti may be too harsh of a word. How about “nonsense”. Meaningless content that originates from “Community” pages (lacking a Brand in the eyes of FaceBook) are about to have their content supressed and their reach squashed.

It is already happening.

Originally setup to track friends and family happenings and life events, a typical Facebook wall has been littered with “Internet Graffiti”- comical memes and some-e-cards with clever messages to sensationalized stories with an obscure photo (Headline: “If You Had 20 Guesses, You Still Wouldn’t Guess What’s Hidden In This Normal Looking Store. Whoa.”). Think about how- is your mom not posting as much or are her posts being filtered out to your wall by FaceBook?

At the root of the problem is that Facebook users are generous in handing out “likes”- in 2013 the average facebook user had over 50% more likes on various things than at the end of 2012. Perhaps you liked a brand (Coke, Ford, etc.)- one that spent sigificant advertising dollars to get your like. That “like” signaled to FaceBook to share content from that page to your wall. Now imagine you like just 30 things and have 100 facebook friends. If you just browse your wall 3 times per day and review 20 stories on average- you can see the dilemma. There is simply not enough time for you to browse all of the content being pushed in your direction from all your Facebook friends and liked pages.

The net impact recently has been that this Internet clutter, while funny at times, has effectively drownded out the social voice of your monther and close friends!

Content is and shall remain king. The reach of meaningless content will continue to erode in factor of meaninful content from those you have consistent interaction with (cross-commenting, messanger, etc.). Facebook users who post foolish rants (“OMG I hate my life! I wish today were over”) will have their stories told to a narrower audience. Conversely, those Facebook users with a high quality to their content (measured by comments / likes) will be rewarded with additional reach as well.

In 2014, we will see a flight to content quality.